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Psycho Bob's
Wasatch Front Rock Climbing Routes

Rock Canyon

Located 55 minutes south of Salt Lake City


Bolt Slab


     This slab is to the right of the green gate on the first slab. There is an old bolt ladder that dates back to the late 1960's and you can tell when you see the old rusty hangers. There are newer chains at the top of this slab making it easy to top rope.


A. Two-Nut Muffin 5.10a
B: Meadow Muffin 5.12a bolt ladder-16 bolts
C: Electric Landlady 5.10





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Lamoille Canyon

"..... and the climbing in Lamoille Canyon is as good as it gets! There are routes that are very similar those found on Yosemite and Joshua Tree."

        - Duane

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