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Psycho Bob's
Wasatch Front Rock Climbing Routes

Rock Canyon

Located 55 minutes south of Salt Lake City


Red Slab


     The Red Slab was located at the base of Ed and Terry Wall at the mouth of Rock Canyon. The Slab is on private property and the land owner destroyed the slab and sold the rock for landscaping of new homes in Las Vegas. The public outrage has forced the land owner to suspend any further operations as Provo City and private groups work to secure the property so that no more excavation can be done at the mouth of the canyon. Many of the climbing routes destroyed dated back to the earliest days of rock climbing history.


A. Red Slab 5.6
B. Desperado 5.11c (Not in the climbing guide)


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Lamoille Canyon

"..... and the climbing in Lamoille Canyon is as good as it gets! There are routes that are very similar those found on Yosemite and Joshua Tree."

        - Duane

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PSYCHO BOB'S Wasatch Front Rock Climbing Routes

American Fork Canyon

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Maple Canyon

Mount Olympus

Parley's Canyon

Rock Canyon
Bolt Slab
         Bug Barn Dance Wall
         Ed and Terry Wall
         Green Monster
         PA's Mother
         Red Slab
         Superbowl Wall
         The Appendage
         The Kitchen
         The Jobsite
         The Rose

         Tinker Toys

Spring Canyon

Lamoille Canyon