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Psycho Bob's
Wasatch Front Rock Climbing Routes

Rock Canyon

Located 55 minutes south of Salt Lake City


Bad Bananas and
Superbowl Wall


     Bad Bananas and Superbowl Wall are located on the north side of the wall before the mouth of the canyon. A 15 minute hike up some steep loose rock will lead to these south facing climbs. The rock up high is loose because not many people dare to venture to the top of this wall. The routes in the bowl are short and pumpy and the rock is rough, sharp, and has small crimpy holds.



A. Project
B. Jodonna 5.12b
C. Bad Bananas 5.10a A2
D. Beetlejuice 5.11c
E. Bufugly 5.12d
F. Captain Cupcake 5.12c
G. Mozambique 5.12b
H. Rainbird 5.12a
I. When your feeling sinister 5.11d
J. Moment of Decay 5.11d
K. Oscar the Grouch 5.10d

A. Hamster Forever 5.10a
B. Sick at 17,000 5.9+
C. Back in the Sadlle Direct 5.11a
D. More Obsessive Tendencies 5.12a
E. Everest 201 5.12a
F. The Higher, Harder One 5.12a
G. Simple Simon 5.11b
H. Fallout 5.12b
I. Texas Chosspile 5.11c

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Lamoille Canyon

"..... and the climbing in Lamoille Canyon is as good as it gets! There are routes that are very similar those found on Yosemite and Joshua Tree."

        - Duane

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